Why You Should Check Your Air Conditioning Ducts For Leaks

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For an air conditioning system to run efficiently, it must be able to circulate the air properly. When your air conditioning ducts have leaks in them, it fails to do its job effectively.

Leaky air conditioning ducts are actually pretty common throughout the U.S. This results in inadequate cooling of your home, causing your utility bills to rise and costing you lots of money

Your air conditioning system produces approximately 20% of waste

Data shows that having leaky ducts actually accounts for a loss of 20% efficiency. Here is a list of benefits to having your duct work checked for leaks and repaired.

** decrease on power bills
** lower repair expenses
** cut down on repairs
** higher efficiency
** a more comfortable environment
** Cleaner indoor air

How to Seal Your Air Conditioning System Ductwork

Simple as it may sound, inspecting and repairing your home’s air conditioning duct system can be hot, risky and sweaty. You may have to work with home insulation materials, restricted maneuvering space and darkness.

To accomplish this task, you will need a flashlight and will need to get into your home crawl space. Some homes have crawl spaces that are so tiny, that even some air conditioning professionals cringe at having to enter them. Remember that before you enter a crawl space, bear in mind that you might have to deal with such things as spiders, snakes or rodents.  If you are not up to the task, get an ac professional to do the job for you.

If you make the decision to do the job yourself, here is a list of items that you will need:

2) Tools – Sealing air conditioning ductwork doesn’t take lots of tools. You need:

** A box cutter
** A good flashlight
** a paint brush
** A good dust mask
** Tie down straps
** A roll of HVAC Aluminum Foil tape.
** HVAC certified sealant

3) Properly sealing your air conditioning ducts

Seal your attic or garage if necessary

If you need to seal split-joints and its corresponding connections, use the required tape and sealant as best suited for the situation.

This process is visually intensive. In the event of holes in duct,  you need to apply cold weather HVAC Aluminum Foil tape. If any insulation is missing, you may need to purchase additional flex duct, make an incision and then connect and reseal the finished work.

Additional Notes on Sealing Home Air Ducts


To be effective, a home air conditioning system must circulate the existing air while stripping heat and humidity from the enclosed environment. A home with leaky air conditioning ducts fails to perform the task effectively.

You can think about your air conditioning duct system as a set of lungs and what would happen if you develop small pin-holes in them. Every small leak contributes to its lack of effectiveness as your cooling expenses rise..

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