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American Express Logo

American Express is a leading financial services provider offering its services throughout the globe. The financial services company is operational since 1850 with its headquarters located in Three World Financial Center, New York City, United States. The company specializes in offering savings accounts, credit cards, business and travel, charge cards, merchant services, and much more.

Customers can log into their personal savings accounts following the steps provided below. However, the login procedure is extremely easy you must feel free to contact the technical support team for assistance.

American Express Savings login

Step 1– Customers who are willing to sign into their American Express Savings account must visit the login homepage.

American Express Savings Login

Step 2– At the center of the webpage, you will find the sign-in section. Provide your User Name and Password in the white boxes then click the button below tagged “Log Into Personal Savings”.

American Express Savings Sign In

Forgot Username or Password

Step 1– In order to reset your username and retrieve your password go to the login home then click on the link that reads “Forgot your Username or Password?” (For direct access to the login reset page, click here Link).

American Express Savings Forgot Password

Step 2– Provide your Social Security number and home zip code, then tap Next to get your User Name. You’ll need to complete additional steps to get your Password.

American Express Savings Sign Up

How to Enroll

Not yet enrolled for online account management? You can set up online access following an easy procedure. The user is just required to verify his/her identity then provide their requested personal and financial information.

Step 1– Navigate to the online enrollment page of American Express Personal Savings.

Step 2– As you click on the link above you will find the “Create Online Access” section below. Enter the following information to verify identity:

  • Social Security Number
  • Home Zip Code

American Express Enroll

Step 3– Once your identity is confirmed you are ready to enjoy the benefits of online account management.

American Express Debit card activation

You can activate a debit card by logging into Online Banking as explained above or you can activate it via the AMEX app.

American Express National Bank – Log In

American Express® Online Savings Account