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BECU credit card application | BECU credit card login

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BECU credit card login portal is designed especially for customers who want to track their card transactions and make monthly payments online. BECU is a credit union that was founded in 1935 to serve the employees of Boing. It was founded and established by 18 Boing Employees, but now serves more than 1.06 million members and has assets over $17.5 billion. They are stellar in the financial service business and headquartered in Tukwila, Washington, it is the 4th largest Credit union in the United States spread over 47 locations.

Boing Employees credit union provides a spectrum of financial services ranging from Saving and Checking accounts, Online Banking, Debit cards, Home Loans, Vehicle Loans, Personal Loans, investment services, and trust services. They have Credit card services and currently offer 3 credit card programs. They have a Visa card that has the lowest interest rates and 0% APR as an intro offer for the first 12 months, a Cashback Visa card with unlimited 1.5% cashback, and Affinity Partner Visa cards. You can easily apply for this card if you are a Boing Employee or an ex-employee.


BECU Credit card Application:

If you are looking for a BECU credit card application procedure then we have detailed it here. It is an easy procedure and first, you will need to select between the 3 types of credit cards they are offering. All 3 credit cards have different benefits and APR rates. We will be listing their features and advantages below:

BECU Visa Credit card:

BECU visa credit card is for those who have some credit card debt and want to have a low interest in it. The visa credit card comes with a 0% introductory APR for the first 12 months. It means that you will not need to pay any interest for a whole year. There is zero annual fees, balance transfer fee, or cash advance fee. The Foreign Transaction fee is zero too and there are abroad travel perks.

You can apply for a Visa credit card by visiting any BECU banking branch or you can do that easily using their online banking login. You need to become a BECU credit union Member to apply for the card and enroll in their online banking.

Apply for BECU low-rate visa credit card:

If you are interested in this card then you can go to the BECU website and go to Everyday Banking >> Visa credit card. On this page, you will find all credit card details and rates. You can click on the red “Apply Now” button to apply for the card.

BECU Cash Back Visa credit card

You have no debt on any credit card and want to win back some of the cash that you spend. BECU cashback card is a program that can help you save more money and spend it as you like. With a cash-back visa card, you get 1.5% cashback on everything you purchase. Zero annual fees, balance transfer charges, or cash advance APR. Interest rates are variable and start as low as 12.15% APR, you will get 0% APR for the 12 months as an intro offer.

Apply for a BECU cash back Visa credit card:

You can log in to your BECU online banking account to apply for this card. If you do not have an account with them then you will need to visit your nearest branch to apply for one. You can check all the details about this credit card by going to the site and then going through menu options everyday Banking > Credit card > Cash Back Visa. You will get an option to apply for a credit card there as well.

BECU secured Credit card is available for those who want to repair their credit score. Some people who are facing challenged credit find it hard to get loans, insurance, or rent an apartment. Opening a secured credit card will help them slowly build their credit and repair their image. You will need to contact the BECU banking branch to get more information about this card.

BECU Affinity partner Visa Cards:

People who want to show their Boing Pride can opt for Affinity Partner Visa credit card. It is available with the University of Washington and Boing print. They come in two options Cash Back or a Low APR card. You can check and apply for them through the BECU website. Visit the website and then browse to everyday Banking > Credit cards > affinity partner visa cards to get more details about the features and options.

BECU credit card Login: BECU Online Banking Login

People who want to log in to their credit card online account need to use the same BECU Online Banking login portal to access their credit card statements and payment option. It is very easy to access the online portal. Just visit the BECU homepage at and then find the big red button on the top right that says “Online Banking”, Click on it and you will be taken to the login page. Where you can provide a username and password to log in

Forgot Username and password:

If you have forgotten the Online Banking Login username and password then you will get the option to retrieve them online, you will need to visit the login page. You can use the procedure mentioned in the above section to access the Login page and you will find the option to reset your username/password just below the “login” button.

Activate BECU credit card:

You can activate your credit card online and through the phone. Just login into Online Banking and go to the credit card section, and you will find the option to activate the credit card. Else you can give call 888.886.0083 and follow the instructions to activate the card.

BECU credit card Payment:

You can log in to the BECU Online Banking website as explained in the above section to access the monthly statement of your card. Then you will be able to make payments using your Banking account or you can set up automated payments to be deducted from your Bank account every month.

Activate BECU Debit card:

People Who have recently received their new debit card can easily activate the card by visiting any ATM. Just use the PIN you have received and follow the instruction to activate the card at ATM.

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