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  • by is an official portal on which you can verify your credit card to activate it. If you have recently received a new Credit card from Chase Bank, and looking forward to using it then you will need to activate it first. The activation procedure is quite easy and there are many ways you can activate your card. The easiest and fastest method is to visit [official chase bank website] to provide your credit card details and get it activated instantly. You can also call the Chase Bank Support Phone number to activate your credit card.

Chase Credit card is serviced and issued by JP Morgan Chase Bank and is one of their most popular financial instruments. JPMorgan Chase is a known financial institution and is servicing customers for almost 200 years. They first started operations in 1799 and are one of the oldest banks in the USA.  They started with their Name as Manhattan Company from Chicago as headquarters. As more banks were merged into this financial institution forming a multinational investment bank and financial service provider. They formed JPMorgan Chase and Company which is headquartered in Madison Avenue New York.  They now have more than 250,000 employees and assets of over $2.6 Trillion.

Chase Bank Credit card Benefits:

Chase Bank provides as many as 29 options for their credit card. Different types of rewards and functionalities are available to select from. Chase Bank provides credit cards exclusively for Small businesses too, besides it, you can opt for Travel cards, rewards cards, cashback cards, and balance transfer cards. They have few credit cards with zero annual charges and an introductory 0% APR for the first-year offer. The APR varies from 17.24% to 25.99% based on the card you choose.

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  • How to activate Chase credit card online through portal.

If you have these questions, then we have answered all your queries and concern below :

How to verify Chase Bank credit card Online through the website:

Activating your Chase Credit card online is an easy task. Chase Bank has created a secure portal that you can use to activate the card, you will need your online banking login credentials to access the card activation page. Follow, the below-mentioned procedure to activate the card.

Step 1: Keep the credit card handy, you will need a PC, Mac, Tablet, or Phone to access the website. You can use the Chrome browser on PC or Android devices, for Mac and iPhones you can use Safari or Chrome. Open


Step 2: Once the page loads you will see a message “Please sign in to verify you’ve received your new credit card”. And on the right side, you will find a login widget where you can provide a username and password to log in. If you have not enrolled yet you can create a new account using a link that mentions “Not enrolled? Signup Now [present just below Sign in button]. You will find a detailed enrollment procedure below this section.

Step 3: Once you log in you will be taken to a page you will be asked for a few details like the last 4 digits of your SSN and credit card number and expiration date. Just go ahead with the procedure and your card will be activated. credit card account Enroll/ Sign up:

As the above procedure mentioned that you will need a Chase credit card account or Chase Online Banking account to access the activation page. If you have not signed up yet you can create an account easily. Just follow the below-explained process.

Step 1: Open on any compatible browser, once the page renders find the “Enroll now” button.


Step 2: You will need to provide your account number, credit card or debit number, Application number, and Social security number. Key in the preferable username and Click the “Next” button.

Step 3: Follow the process to set up security questions to retrieve the password and username and set up a secure password to create the account. Once the process is completed you can use the login details to activate your card.

Activating Chase Credit card via a phone call

If you don’t have web access and want to activate your credit card over the phone then you will need to call the Chase Bank service number and follow the instructions to activate the card. Chase Bank credit card Activation Phone number is 1-800-432-3117 [Business card owners should call 1-888-269-8690

Dial the above-mentioned number and use your registered phone number to make the call. You will be asked your card number, expiry date, zip code, and SSN to activate the card.

Chase Bank Credit card Contact Number:

Chase Credit card customer service number: 1-800-432-3117

Chase Bank International service number: 1-302-594-8200

Chase Bank Business credit card customer service: 1-888-269-8690

Chase Bank Business credit card International service number: 1-480-350-7099