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Continental Finance Credit Card Login, Payment and Customer Service

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Continental Finance Credit Card Login

Continental Finance surge Credit Card provides its customers with a secure web portal using which they can log into their credit card account and access the online tools.  Credit card is Continental Finance offers a wide range of credit cards that include- Reflex MasterCard, Fit MasterCard, Verve MasterCard, Surge MasterCard, and Matrix MasterCard.

So if you are a credit card holder at Continental Finance you can log in at and then manage your credit card operations. Logging into your account one can manage online payments, apply for new cards, and update account information.

Continental Finance Credit Card Login

Step 1– Go to the login page of Continental Finance and then look for the button tagged “Portal”.

Continental Finance Credit Card Login

Step 2– Click on it and a login section will appear on the screen. Select your card from the drop-down menu and then the “Go to Portal” button.

Continental Finance Credit Card Make Payment

Step 3– Next you will be navigated to a new web page that displays the sign-in section. Provide your Username and Password in the respective spaces and then “Submit”.

Continental Finance Credit Card Forgot Password

Forgot Username

Step 1– If you have lost your username then you must proceed to the login page and then click on the “Forgot Username” link.

Continental Finance Credit Card Forgot Password 2

Step 2– In the next step you will be taken ahead to a new web page labeled “Forgot User Name”. Enter your Account Number and then click “Next”.

Continental Finance Credit Card Forgot Password 4

Forgot Password

Step 1– Select the “Forgot Password” link located at the bottom right of the login page of Continental Finance, as pictured below.

Continental Finance Credit Card Forgot Password5

Step 2– Enter your User Name and then click “Next”. Once your account is validated you will be sent a link to reset the password.

Continental Finance Credit Card Forgot Password 6

Surge credit card Payment:

If you want to make a payment toward your bills for Continental Finance Credit cards then you can make them online, over the phone, or send checks to the pay box.

Pay Online:

We have explained the login process above, please follow that and once you are on your due section, click on the pay button. You will be asked few personal and Bank details, from which payment will be debited.

Pay Via phone:

Dial 1-800-518-6142, follow the IVR, and provide some personal and bank details to make the payment

Pay via mail:

Send payment checks to

Surge Card, Po BOX 6812, Carol Stream, IL 60197-6812

Customer Service

If you need help regarding your account you must feel free to contact customer service using the details below:

Call: 866-449-4514, 800-355-3587

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