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My Tools Gateway Edi Login

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My Tools Gateway Edi Login

Gateway EDI is an electronic communication method that offers a standard for the exchange of data via any communication means. The login is powered by TriZetto Provider Solutions. EDI has been existing for 30 years and has many standards. TriZetto is a health care and IT solutions and services provider. It provides integrated health care services that are handy in enhancing revenue growth, improving cost, enhancing the quality of care, and patient service, and driving administrative efficiency.

Users can log into their mytools Gateway EDI account through the web portal of TriZetto. The login just takes a few minutes, you just need to keep your username and password functional and you are ready to access the services online. Read on then turn down to read the Gateway EDI Login guidelines.

My Tools Gateway Edi Login

Step 1– Users who are willing to log into their Gateway EDI account must click the here Link.

Gateway EDI Login

Step 2– As you click on the link above you will be taken ahead to a new web page that displays the login section. Provide your Username and Password in the white boxes and click “Log In”.

Forgot Password

Unable to recall your Gateway EDI account password? No need to worry as you can regain access to your account following some easy steps.

Step 1– Go to the login page and click on the “Forgot Password?” link found at the bottom of the space to enter the password, as shown below. (Use this Link for direct access to the password reset page).

Gateway EDI Forgot Password

Step 2– Now you will find the ‘Password Reset Request” page. Enter your Trizetto Provider Solutions username and the email address linked to your account and click on the button tagged “Send Password Request”.

Gateway EDI Forgot Password 2

TriZetto customer service

Customer service hours– Monday – Friday 7 AM – 6 PM, CST

Call: 800-556-2231

Email[email protected]

Gateway EDI – TriZetto Provider Solutions