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GEICO Medical Provider Portal Login

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GEICO Medical Provider Portal Login

GEICO is a U.S.-based auto insurance and medical services provider headquartered in Chevy Island, Maryland. It is a leading auto insurer operating in the United States. GEICO also provides medical insurance facilities through a prompt 24×7 service.

The online portal developed by GEICO is easy to use. Once logged in customers can easily track medical claims submitted to GEICO, view payment accounts, access the details of explanation of selected claims, and view payment issuing dates. Read the guidelines provided below and have a nice time enjoying a wide range of healthcare services online.

GEICO Medical Provider Login portal

Step 1– GEICO Medial Provider Portal users must visit the login homepage.

GEICO Medical Provider Portal Login

Step 2– Once the web page opens you will find the sign section at the center. Provide your Username and Password in the blank spaces then click “Submit”.

Forgot Password

Step 1– Lost your account login password? Users who are unable to recall their password must go to the password reset page and then click on the “Forgot Password” link found at the bottom of the sign-in section.

GEICO Medical Provider Portal Forgot Password

Step 2– In the next step, you will be taken ahead to the password reset page that requires your Username.

GEICO Medical Provider Portal Forgot Password 2

Click “Continue” to verify identity. Once your account is validated you will be allowed to set a new password.

Forgot Username

Step 1– Sometimes the users are unable to recall their Medical provider account username. If such a mishap happens, go to the login home and select the “Forgot Username” link, as shown below.

GEICO Medical Provider Portal Forgot Username

Step 2– Enter your first name and e-mail address associated with your account. If your e-mail address and first name match with the details on file your username will be sent to you via email.

GEICO Medical Provider Portal Forgot Username 2

How to Register

Step 1– In order to register for a GEICO Medical Provider account, you need to go to the registration page. Read the legal agreements and click on the “Yes” button below.

Step 2– Read the registration guidelines and click “Continue” to proceed to the account setup page.

Step 3– Provide the requested personal and security information to complete the registration.


GEICO Provider phone number/ claims phone number

Emergency Response Service Providers
PhoneRoadside Provider/Billing Support: (800) 522-7775

Boat Invoicing/Billing Support (800) 888-4869

Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (ET)

EmailRoadside: [email protected]

Boat: [email protected]

Mailing AddressGEICO
Emergency Road Service
P.O. Box 8075
Macon, GA 31208-8075
Lienholder / Additional Insured / Auto Dealer Coverage Verification Services
Phone(877) 318-0058
Email[email protected]
Mailing AddressGEICO
Lienholder Department
PO Box 9094
Macon, GA 31208-9094
Staff Counsel – SCIP Approved Vendors Only
Email[email protected]

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