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Intralinks is a cloud collaboration and visual data rooms industry operating with its headquarters located in New York, United States. It specializes in offering- virtual data room, secure file sharing, syndicated learning, board reporting, corporate development, acquisitions & mergers, and much more. Founded in 1996 the computer software company serves strategic transaction markets, exchange control, management of information, and enterprise collaboration.

Customers can log into their account via any mobile or computer supported browser. Once logged in you can access account and payment details. Follow the instructions provided below and have a nice time ahead.

Intralinks Login

Step 1– To log into your account you need to visit the login homepage. Once the web page opens you will find the “Login” button at the top right.

Intralinks Login

Step 2– Select a login field and you will be directed to a new webpage. Provide your Email Address and Password in the white boxes then press “Log In”.

Intralinks Login 2

Forgot Password

If you have lost your Intralinks account login password, you can recover your account following the steps below.

Step 1– Proceed to the login page of Intralinks by selecting a login field from the homepage. Now click on the “link that reads “Forgot your Password?”

Intralinks Forgot Password

Step 2– In the next step you will be required to provide your Email Address then tap “Next”.

Intralinks Forgot Password 2

Once your identity is confirmed a new password will be sent to you via email.

Mobile Applications

Business professionals can easily manage their Intralinks account through their mobile devices. Download the application from the App Store or Google Play to manage your critical content outside and inside the firewall.

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