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Landstar Portal Login –

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Landstar login

Landstar provides its owners, agent, or operator partners with online login services. It is a transportation system company based in Florida, United States. Landstar specializes in offering third-party logistics throughout the United States and other countries over the globe.

If you are authorized to access Landstar then you must log into your account following the guideline provided below. Once logged in you can view load details, identify Landstar available loads, find and contact Landstar agents and much more.

Landstar Login

Step 1–  You need a secured browser to visit and login into Landstar portal. Browse to and you will be welcomed by the login widget that will ask for your id and pass. - login

Step 2– Once the web page opens you will find the ‘Sign In’ section at the right. Enter your User ID and Password in the respective spaces and then click “Submit”.

Landstar Online Make Payment

If you are willing to continue without signing in then you can click on the buttons located on the left of the web page.

Forgot LandstarOnline Password

Unable to access your account? If you need assistance with your password then you must follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1– Go to the login page of Landstar and then select the link that reads “Forgot password”, as shown in the picture below. (For direct access to the password reset page, use this Link).

Landstar Online Forgot Password

Step 2– Provide your User ID and you will be assisted through the password recovery process.

Landstar Online Forgot Password 2

LandstarOnline Registration – Create Account

Step 1– If you are willing to register for a new Landstar account then you should first navigate to the self-registration page.

Step 2– Enter the following details in the blank spaces to go ahead with the registration:

  • User ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • E-mail
  • Confirm E-mail
  • Security Question
  • Answer

Landstar Online Register

Step 3– Click on “Submit” and a temporary password will be sent to the email you just provided above. Verify your account and you are ready to access the online portal of Landstar.

Landstaronline Contact Information

Landstar has awesome support, you can call or visit the below-addressed locations for any help or queries.



13410 Sutton Park Drive, South
Jacksonville, Florida 32224
P.O.Box 19060
Jacksonville, Florida 32245
800-872-9400 904-398-9400



1000 Simpson Road
Rockford, Illinois 61102


7100 Woodbine Avenue,
Suite 113
Markham, Ontario L3R 5J2
800-454-1420 905-752-3466


601 Vidal Cantu Road
Laredo, Texas 78045

Official Website:

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