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MyUVM (University of Vermont) Login | Blackboard, Email and schedule

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UVM University of Vermont Logo

UVM University of Vermont Logo

UVM University of Vermont offers its students, faculty members, former students, and newly admitted students a secure online portal using which they can keep in touch with their University information and access their academic records. It is a liberal arts college offering the best in class education including Undergrad and Graduate Students.

Logging into your UVM University of Vermont account is easy and just takes a few minutes. We have explained the login procedure to you. Read on and have a nice time operating the web portal of the UVM University of Vermont.

MyUVM Login

Step 1– To log in to your My UVM account, you are required to open the login homepage [ myuvm portal ] of the UVM University of Vermont.

UVM University of Vermont Login

Step 2– Once the web page opens you will find the login section at the center. Enter your Net ID and Password in the white boxes and then press “Login”.

UVM University of Vermont Bill Payment

Step 3– The website will check and authenticate your login and it will be directed to your account dashboard.

Login Help

Step 1– Students who are having trouble logging in should first open the login page of UVM University and then look for the link that reads “Need Help?”

UVM University of Vermont Forgot Password

Step 2– In the next step, you will be required to select the option that applies to you.

UVM University of Vermont Forgot Password 2

Step 3– Now the reset password button will be displayed at the center of the screen.

UVM University of Vermont Forgot Password 3

Step 4– Enter the requested details thereafter and you will be directed to the account recovery.

Contact Information

Call:  (802) 656-2045

Contact us page Link

Mailing Address

Office of the Registrar
360 Waterman Building
85 S. Prospect Street
Burlington, VT 05405

uvm blackboard login

My UVM Schedule

UVM Proxy login

UVM Course catalog

UVM application Status

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