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myPLS Xpectations card Login

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myPLS Xpectations Login

PLS Xpecations is a prepaid Visa card that is a perfect alternative to credit and debit cards. Customers can access their money any time they wish through online or in-store transactions. It is backed by Bankcorp Bank. The card can be used at departmental stores, restaurants, and grocery stores.

The online portal developed by PLS Xpectations login allows you to gain access to your prepaid card account anytime you wish just through a smartphone or computer with active internet connectivity. Logging into your account you can find a store near you, view transaction history, update account information, and much more. Read below to find a detailed guideline for the login procedure.

myPLS Xpectations Card Login

Step 1– To get started users are required to visit the login page of PLS Xpectations and then look for the login section towards the center of the screen.

PLS Xpectations Card Login

Step 2– Provide your User ID and Password in the blank spaces and then press the ‘Continue’ button.

PLS Xpectations Card Bill Payment

Forgot User ID

Step 1– Sometimes the users are unable to recall their user id and so are denied access to their prepaid card account. If such a mishap happens you are required to visit the login page of PLS and then click on the link that reads “Forgot Your User ID?” (For direct access to the ID reset page using this Link).

PLS Xpectations Card Forgot Password

Step 2– Enter your Card Number and PIN in the blank space and then enter the code that appears below.

PLS Xpectations Card Forgot Password 1

Forgot Password

Step 1– Visit the login page of the PLS and then click on the link that reads “Forgot Your Password?” found at the bottom of the login section. (For directly approaching the password reset page, click here Link).

PLS Xpectations Card Forgot Password 2

Step 2– Provide your Card Number, and PIN, and then enter the code as it appears in the shaded area.

PLS Xpectations Card Forgot Password 3

For more assistance, you must feel free to contact the customer help desk by telephone at 888-679-4869.

How to Enroll

New customers of PLS Xpectations are required to activate their cards for making purchases.

Step 1– Enter the following information in the respective spaces and then click “Continue”.

  • Card Number
  • PIN
  • Code as it appears in the shaded area

PLS Xpectations Card Enroll

Step 2– Next you will be taken ahead to a new web page. Enter the requested information and you are ready to go!

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