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PBGC MyPBA Login – My Pension Benefit Access

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PBGC (Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation) was founded by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. It is a government administration firm that looks to the pension benefits of over 42 million retired Americans. It offers dedicated benefit pension plans that aid in providing financial assistance to retired individuals. It pays for over 8 million retirees in employer plans that are unable to pay the promised benefits.

The online login portal developed by the PBGC lets you conduct transactions, access your private data, update accounts, and more. You can log in through any computer-supported browser. Follow the instructions below and have a nice time enjoying the fast and secure online services.


Step 1– If you are authorized to access the online platform of the PBGC you can visit the login homepage.


Step 2– At the top right of the page, you will find the login section. Fetch in your MyPBA Username and MyPBA Password in the blank spaces.


Tap the “Secure Login” button and you will be taken ahead to the online account management console.

Forgot Password

Step 1– To reset your account login password you need to the password reset page and scroll down to find the reset password section.

Step 2– Now you need to provide your Enter your MyPBA username and Social Security Number in the blank spaces to locate your MyPBA login and set a new password.

PBGC MyPBA Forgot Password

Forgot Username

Step 1– Lost your username? Visit the username reset page using this Link.

Step 2– You can retrieve Your MyPBA Username by providing information that will verify your identity.

PBGC MyPBA Forgot Username

Unable to Login

Users who are unable to log into their account due to technical difficulties or have lost their login credentials must feel free to contact the customer help desk using the information below.

Call: 1-800-400-7242

Email[email protected]

MyPBA: My Pension Benefit Access