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PICS Inventory Account Login

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Customers of the PICS (Phyle Inventory Control Specialists) are offered PICS Inventory Account a secure login portal through which they can access their account. It is the leading provider of physical inventory to industry leaders and new businesses. It has a dedicated team serving over 38 states in the United States.

The enhanced interactive mapping system enables the customers to track their progress in real-time, print reports, and takedown auditing from one screen. So, if you are looking for help to use the online portal of the PICS Inventory, we are here to assist you through the procedure. Read on and have a nice time operating your account.

Pics Inventory Account Login

Step 1– To log into your account you should open the login page and then PICS and then look for the login section at the center of the web page.

PICS Inventory Account Login

Step 2– Enter your Username and Password in the white boxes and then click on “Log In”. Once your identity is confirmed you will be directed to your inventory account dashboard.

PICS Inventory Account Bill Payment

Forgot ID or Password

Step 1– If you have lost your PICS login id or password then you are required to contact your account manager at 888-303-8482.

Customer Service

Call: 888-303-8482

Pics Inventory Employee Portal


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